3 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To Clean Beauty

3 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To Clean Beauty

By Natalie Sullivan

What does clean beauty even mean? 

Clean beauty means using non-toxic products that are made with ingredients found from nature. These products are free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, preservatives and all other toxins.

Unfortunately, there are not so many regulations on cosmetic and personal care products. The FDA does not have to approve beauty or skin products before they are placed on the shelf. Therefore, companies are pretty much allowed to do whatever they want including using toxic ingredients in the products that we use every, single day. Scary, right?

On the bright side, consumers are starting to become more aware of the products that they are putting into and onto their bodies. The demand for clean beauty products is on the rise and will only continue to grow.

We don’t need to choose between harming our bodies and becoming the best version of ourselves anymore. With clean beauty, you can have both!

Here are a few reasons you should make the switch to clean beauty too:


Clean beauty gives you the power to understand exactly what you are putting into and onto your sacred body. 

Thousands of different chemicals are being absorbed into your body when using cosmetic products due to the unregulated industry. Skin is the largest organ for absorption, so these chemicals are going straight to our bloodstream when we apply or use them. 

 Many of these products have been linked to long-term health issues including reproductive and neurological harm, cancer, organ damage and development problems

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Products with synthetic chemicals cause skin irritation, even to normal skin types!

Ingredients found from Mother Nature are safe and gentle on your skin. 

 Our skin is fragile, so it’s important to eliminate any toxic ingredients that may not be reacting correctly with our bodies. 

Look Your Best Without Sacrificing The Environment

Products filled with synthetic ingredients not only cause harm to our bodies but also to our environment. 

For instance, the toxic chemicals found in these products have a negative impact on the environment because they don’t break down and build up in our ecosystems, especially when they have washed down the sink or have been leaked out during the production process. 

Clean beauty products like the ones we make here at Soluna Beauty allow you to look and feel your best, without doing harm to your planet.

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