Meditation and Anti-aging

Meditation and Anti-aging

Meditation and Anti-Aging

Meditation can slow the aging process because it reduces stress. For example, think of someone you know who has gone through a significantly traumatic and stressful period of their lives. Have you noticed how this makes them look older? 

Not only are there the stress benefits, but meditation boosts mood and feelings of happiness due to the increase in serotonin production during meditation.

Meditation can help you to carry a state of mindfulness throughout the day and make better choices. With a meditation practice comes more awareness of your breath, your body and your surroundings. This leads to increased ability to pause, be present and consider your lifestyle choices.

Meditation is easy and you can literally start with 5 minutes per day. Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Take deep breaths. To help stop your mind from racing ( which is ok and completely normal, we can never really turn our mind off) you can focus on your breath, or repeat a mantra. Try my favorite mantra: I am a divine being of light, full of love. 

Studies have shown that meditation can really have anti-aging benefits.

So what’s the science behind looking younger?

We all know stress ages our bodies. For many people, the main reason they practice meditation is to help them manage stress in their lives. The reason why it can make you look younger is due to telomeres. Your DNA strands become slightly shorter each time a chromosome replicates itself. Telomeres help prevent genes from being lost in this process. But this means that as your chromosomes replicate, your telomeres shorten.Meditation increases Telomerase. Telomerase helps to rebuild and lengthen telomeres after cells divide.

In one study participants took part in a meditation retreat.

Here are some examples of the findings:

• increased production of telomerase following intensive meditation.

• This study showed that just 15 minutes of daily meditation helps with telomerase production. In fact, in this study, anything that helped trigger the relaxation response, including repetitive prayer and yoga, helps with telomerase production.

• Another study found that Zen meditators with extensive meditation experience have telomeres that are 10 percent longer than people who were of a similar age and who lived a similar lifestyle but who had never meditated.

Meditation combined with a holistic skincare routine and healthy diet will have you glowing in no time.



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