About Soluna Beauty

Soluna Beauty is dedicated to developing toxin free clean beauty that works harmoniously with our skin by using the most potent natural ingredients Earth has to offer.

Divine Nature, Divine Skin
Everything we need to sustain life is provided to us by Mother Nature. The Earth is perfectly designed for us to live and thrive. That goes for beauty too. Everything our face needs to be our most beautiful self is contained within the fruits, trees, and plants. We think it is pretty amazing that  the essence and extractions of nature’s beauty in the purest form, can be used right on our skin.

Undiluted & Unrefined
Our oils are different. There are many oils on the market, but many have been diluted, deodorized and/or refined.  At Soluna Beauty we choose to use raw, cold pressed, undiluted, unrefined oil so that all the good stuff goes right on your skin.

No Crap

Every ingredient in our products serve an important purpose. There are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients, only active botanical ingredients and essential oils. Toxin free, always.


We are now accepting wholesale inquiries.
For Wholesale information please email wholesale@solunabeauty.com  

We Adopted the Red List

Soluna Beauty has partnered with the BCPP (Breast Cancer Prevention Partners) on the campaign for safe cosmetics by adopting the Red List as our restricted substance guide.

We are proud to partner with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Source : http://www.safecosmetics.org/take-action/businesses-and-retailers/red-list/
To learn more visit www.safecosmetics.org