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Aromatherapy Destress Kit

Aromatherapy Destress Kit

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Give yourself a break. It’s time to unwind and relax. A little self love is all we need from time to time. Being everyone else’s savior is no badge of honor if you’re not caring for yourself too. Ditch the phone, lock the door and get lost in the relaxing scents of our aromatherapy destress kit. Take a deep breath, well a few of them, light the candle and sink into a warm bath. Choose a mantra and repeat. Try something like “I love myself unconditionally” or “I am perfect just the way I am.”

This kit contains Rose Quartz, Palo Santo, Aromatherapy Bath Salt, Pink Clay Face Mask, Aromatherapy Candle, a Soluna Skin Care Mini’s sample pack, Destress Aromatherapy Roll-on Oil, and our amazing Beauty Sleep Pillow Spray.

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